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I guess everyone love wearing lip matte but also healthy and moist lips. I love it too. I know it’s not easy to wearing lip matte every single day with healthy and moist lips at the same time but don’t worry guys. ZAP Beauty already launched their latest beauty collection which is ZAP Beauty Lip Matte. First of all, I want to say thank you to ClozetteID for giving me a chance to try and review this product. Without any further do, let’s jump into the review!
So far, we known ZAP Clinic very well. It’s one of the largest women’s beauty clinics with 35 branches spread all over Indonesia. For fulfill the needs of every women who loves wear lip matte but also have healthy and moist lips, ZAP Beauty is part of ZAP Clinic and they launched their latest beauty collection which is Zap Beauty Lip Matte. Zap Beauty Lip Matte has new concept of lip matte. They put in skin care ingredients into cosmetics so it will make your lips more healthier and stay moist. Besides that, ZAP Beauty Lip Matte is paraben and alcohol free, rich moisturizer and vitamin E, also it’s halal and BPOM certificated.

The packaging is very unique. I have never found a beauty product with packaging like this. On the packaging is also listed various information about the product and in my opinion ZAP Beauty succeed impress us with the packaging.
Let's talk about the lippie's packaging. The combination of doff transparent and white color make the lip matte looks classy and elegant. 

The applicator is very good shape. It help you to apply the lip matte perfectly without any mess. 

It's 10 out of 10 guys! It's creamy and very pigmented. So if you want to cover your lips perfectly you can just swipe it once. It has powdery finish. Also it's kissproof and waterproof. My tips for better result, apply your lip matte and wait about 5 minutes until it becomes matte and you're ready to be beautiful all day.

ZAP Beauty Lip Matte has nine different shades and perfect for any skin tones from fair, medium, tan, until dark tones. There are Peach (010), Nuddy (020), Spice (030), Panna Cotta (040), Star Girl (050), Berry Rose (060), True Romance (070), Ashley (080), and Coral (090). Mine are Peach (010), Panna Cotta (040), and Star Girl (050).

Now let's talk about the most awaited information. ZAP Beauty Lip Matte come with affordable price with is 150.000IDR and you can find it on ZAP Clinic all over Indonesia or you can shop online on ZAP Clinic website.

ZAP Beauty


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  1. Super nice colors! :)


  2. pilihan warnanya banyak ya, suka banget hasil pas liat aplikasian di bibirnya..