Hello again world! This month is definitely make my life more like riding a roller coaster. Not because ups and downs but there’re so many things that make me feel excited, happy, sad, worry, angry, et cetera; and it’s mixing up.
At first, I love July so much! Why not? Because in July for about twenty years ago I was born (exactly on 18th in this month). Of course, I feel very excited to celebrate my birthday just like the other people. I’m very busy to prepare my birthday dinner. Start from buy delicious cake with my BF, cooking for dinner, decorate my house, rearrange my living room, oh there’re so many things to do but I can’t explain one by one. Thank God, my birthday dinner run very well. I felt really happy because I can celebrate my birthday with my loved ones, which is my parents, my cousin, my boyfriend, and his parents. Well I deserve to be happy in my birthday, right?
In the next two days…I got a really really bad news. My grandmother passed away. Actually, my family not very surprised at all. Because she passed away at age 93 and she had a few illnesses. We always ready to let her go if it’s the best way for her. I feel really sad because on her last moment in her life, I always visit her in the hospital, stay overnight in the hospital, listen to her advices, tell her about the story of my life, even I feeding her.

For me…
My grandmother is my number one inspiration. She pursues her career from the bottom until she can be one of the best doctor in St. Carolus Hospital. She’s very smart women. She’s brave, the most independent, the most sociable person I’ve ever known. She teaches me many things. I’m very grateful to be your grandchild, very very proud and happy. You’ve done so much for you, for your family, for peoples. Now I think it’s my turn to continue your dream. May God bless me and I hope you always see my steps from heaven.
See you in the next life eyang!

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  1. My sincere condolences, may she rest in peace.

  2. I am sorry for your loss. may she rest in peace

  3. Sorry for your lost dear! An angel looking for you!
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