Hello world! Today I’m gonna share to you guys about my hair journey. I’m too excited to say that a few days ago I had a chance to had some hair treatment from Irwan Team (Grand Indonesia Shopping Town, West Mall, Level 3) which is #SELFIECOLOR sponsored by Clozette Indonesia. Anyway, finally I found an application called “Minutes App”. Minutes App is made to help you not wasting your time and experience the easy booking process for services at barber, salon, spa/brow houses, with ton of rewards and great promos! Minutes App save your time because you don’t need to call or wait for hours at salon just to get some treatment. This app gonna take care of your reservation and save your precious time. You can download “Minutes Apps” on PlayStore or AppStore.

Let’s move to my hair journey which is #SELFIECOLOR. #SELFIECOLOR is hair treatment to illuminates hair color with limited color range and more like hair toning. The process is almost the same as mostly hair coloring but for me #SELFIECOLOR is more better than hair coloring. WHY???!!! It’s ammonia free, odorless, perfectly tone highlights with incredible shine, and very quick process. Because it’s ammonia free so it will not damage your hair. For #SELFIECOLOR there are two type of coloring which is Dia Richeese and Dia Light. Dia Richeese is tone-one-tone coloration process so it will make your hair shiny with reflective finish and very soft touch. Dia Richeese have 69 different shade of colors. Then Dia Light is the same to Dia Richeese but for sensitized hair. Dia Light have 59 different shade of colors. Anyway #SELFIECOLOR is semi-permanent it will last long until 6 weeks. Oh, the process are very very quick, it’s more like 45 until 60 minutes depends on your hair situation and hair length.
Here I explain the process in more detail
First of all, after I enter Irwan Team. I go to receptionist desk and explain about the treatment that I want to get which is #SELFIECOLOR. Ka Iin let me sit in the corner of the room and ask me about the drink and I choose Ice Cappuccino because I always need caffeine to start my day. 
Then she came with #SELFIECOLOR catalogue which is full of hair color sample and she explains me about #SELFIECOLOR ‘s details. I was very shocked because of the various of color. It’s more like natural hair color. There is some black shade, greyish shade, brownish shade, until reddish shade. And I choose Dia Light 5.66 Rubilane. Rubilane is more like red-violet color and I’m so in love with this kind of color. Oh, anyway Ka Puspa (my personal stylish) help me to choose the right color base on my skin tone and personality.
For the application, it’s start from the root (because my root is already in black color) for about 10 minutes. Then after 10 minutes, Ka Puspa apply the hair color to the rest of my hair and I have to wait for about 15 minutes. My first impressions after the application is like woow…am I doing some hair coloring? It’s not make my scalp itchy and odorless.
After wait for 30 minutes for the color application finally I can wash my hair. Ka Angga help me to wash my hair and this is the best part. He gives me a little massage to my head. It’s very very very gentle. He makes me feel like all of my sins gone *haha just kidding*. Then he gives PowerDose Color to protect and perfect color radiance for my hair because I just get #SELFIECOLOR.
The last part is styling my hair! I’m too happy to see the result. Because the color is very vibrant and my hair is so shine. To help my hair look shinier, Ka Puspa gives Mythic Oil to my hair. Mythic Oil Color Glow Oil is to protect my haircolor and give more shine and healthy look.

  • Very Quick (about 30 minutes)
  • Amonia-free
  • Odorless
  • Super shiny
  • It will last long until 6 weeks

  • The color is more natural hair color
  • The shine will fade away if you wash your hair

Overall, I'm the way too happy with the result. The color is very vibrant just like what I want, super shiny, and I'm ready to take tons of selfie with #SELFIECOLOR. Thank you so much Clozette Indonesia and Irwan Team to make my #SELFIECOLOR come true! ❤

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  1. kereennnn 💖💖 kaya dark burgundy gt..

    1. yes!! mungkin harusnya aku bleach dulu kali ya biar warnanya bisa aneh-aneh hehehe

  2. Wow! What a change!
    Have a nice day!


  3. Wow, Lovely hair color! This parlor looks like it has good service!

  4. I love the color that you picked. Great post, dear.