Hello world! Today I want to share with you my favorite snack all the time from WRP! Hmm I bet all of you love to eat, eat and eat. Because personally I love to eat and I never stop snacking all day. But sometimes I’m very worried if I continuing to eat something sweet or anything else I could gain weight, of course I won’t let that thing happen. Thank God, a few weeks ago WRP launched WRP Everyday Fruit Bar with Apricot & Raisin and WRP Everyday Low-Fat Milk with two variants flavor which is Vanilla and Chocolate. I love WRP everyday so much because it’s change my snacking habit. 

WRP Everyday Fruit Bar with Apricot and Raisin now is one of my favorite snack because it’s not too sweet, not too plain, contains 8 vitamins and 2 minerals (Vit A, Vit B1, Vit B2, Vit B3, Vit B12, Asam Folat, Vit C, Vit E, Magnesium, and Zat Besi), so yummy, and the size is very handy so I can bring it everywhere. I don’t have much time to eat proper meal while I do my job as a beauty blogger and interior designer student at the same time because my work already takes my time so my last choice is eating snacks.

Here are fun facts about WRP Everyday Fruit Bar
  • Raisin for eye health
  • Chocolate for improve blood flow
  • Apricot for slow aging process
  • Quinoa which is very rich in fiber
  • Oat is to prevent diabetes
  • Corn flakes is to reduce the risk of heart attacks and heart diseases
  • WRP Everyday Fruit Bar only contain 80 calories!
Next, we move to WRP Everyday Low-Fat Milk. They have two variant flavors which are vanilla and chocolate. The vanilla one has sweet-scented like a cake and the chocolate one is creamier and more like dark chocolate. Anyway, WRP Everyday Low-Fat Milk is high-calcium and content fiber. It’s only contain 110 calories which is veryyyy good for milk lovers like me hehe… Oh you can enjoy WRP Everyday Low-Fat Milk cold or hot. 

WRP Everyday Fruit Bar with Apricot & Raisin and WRP Everyday Low-Fat Milk are the latest rescue to my hungers, to accompany my activity, and make my snacking time more fun. Also make my life as beauty blogger and student more happy, more enjoyable, while keeping my body in shape.

I choose WRP Everyday to make me happy because this is so me!

WRP Diet

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