Hello again world! A few days ago, I was invited to grand opening Absolute New York 1st flagship studio at Grand Indonesia ( East Mall Level 3 #EM3-36 ). I was very excited because I love New York and I love make up. It’s a perfect combination for me because Absolute New York was inspired by a youthful approach to modern beauty. With company philosophy “Discover Beauty with an Urban Edge” make Absolute New York’s characteristic more feminine, flirty, and fun.

They gave us opportunity to choose several products but it’s give me a huge problem. You know why? Because their product is very pigmented, come with affordable price, and have various option for one type of makeup. Without any further do let’s move to the review from four products that I choose.      

I choose Eye Lid Primer Base because I don’t have any Eyeshadow Primer until now. It says that this product is oil free make up base. The formula will boost your eyeshadow, make it stay all day, lightweight, moisturizing, and not sticky at all.
It’s very simple. They come with full black glossy tube. 10cm long and 1,3cm diameter. The applicator is good just like lip applicator.  

Liquid but not too fluid. The good news is it’s not sticky at all.

It’s transparent guys! Hahaha so it’s good. Yay or nay?


The first eyeshadow that I choose is Eye Artiste. Eye Artiste is single shadow which each boasts a superior formula that delivers incredible color, coverage, and long-lasting wear, to help you create an endless array of eye looks.

It’s look cheaper like other eyeshadow because it made from high level plastic but it’s good because it’s very handy and tough. They give us one double sided sponge eyeshadow applicator.

It’s like pressed powder eyeshadow but it’s little bit creamy so very blendable and easy to apply. But it’s not too pigmented. If you want very pigmented result you can use eyeshadow primer first.

They come with so many colors, from eighteen hot hues of essential to next level neutrals. They have shimmer and matte. But I choose AEAS08 FUDGE. The color is like cold tone of brown and it’s perfect for base shadow or even for transition color.

Pure Metal Veil Fluid Eyeshadow is my holy grail! It’s super super good. It’s very recommended guys haha I suggest you to buy all of the shades!! It has water-based formula that delivers vibrant color payoff and metallic intensity, along with a refreshing, cooling sensation.          

Like a simple tube packaging but it’s very tiny which is 3cm long without the applicator. I love the applicator because it’s very easy to apply the liquid eyeshadow.

It’s creamy, very buildable, pigmented, and long lasting. Ahhh to much love for this product.

All the color is shimmery because it has metallic finish. I choose AMV06 MAHOGANY. They have 12 different shades and seriously guys you have to buy this.

Finally, the last product is Sculpt Stick. It’s 2-in-1, one is for highlight and the other side is for contour.

The packaging is very simple like other sculpt stick. But it’s very easy to use because you just have to twist the center of the stick.

Come with creamy stick so it’s good for contour and highlight. Very blendable and buildable.

They have four shades: Light, Medium, Tan, and Deep. I choose Tan and I think it’s good for tropical girl with tan-brown skin.


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