Happy Sunday! When I woke up and go outside. Hmm I feel a little bit sad. Because it’s gloomy outside, it supposed to be sunny day. I want to strolling around my city or even go to the nearest café and have a little chit-chat with my loved ones. But it’s like the universe doesn’t support my plan.

I decided to tell you about yesterday event which was held in Kinosaurus // Ruang Seduh at Kemang, South Jakarta. Yup I was invited to Tinkerlust Talk with Lizzie Parra. Basically, Tinkerlust Talk is more like intimate talk with Tinkerlust’s Blogger Influencer but I’m so lucky to have a biiiig biiig chit chat with Ka Icil.

Tinkerlust is e-commerce market place for fashion that makes it simple for anyone to sell and buy preloved high fashion but it’s only for WOMEN’S STUFFS only. Everyone has something in their closet sitting unused or underused, and Tinkerlust is on a mission to make the resale value of anything you own available on demand. We make it easy to switch up your wardrobe and freshen it up with the styles, which you've been lusting for.

What I love about Tinkerlust are,… First, it’s very professional, very clean, and well-organized. Second, they can pick up our stuffs than they curated the stuffs. Third, they help us to decide the price. Fourth, they already team up with kredivo. Fifth, they team up with more hundred local and international brands.

Anyway, let’s move to Tinkerlust Talk with Lizzie Parra. I got so many lessons from Lizzie. Lizzie known as beauty blogger, beauty influencer, and beauty entrepreneur. She told about her early career even in her ups and downs. I was inspired to pursue my dream and be brave enough to take risk in my life. Also, she told me how to be a good blogger. Sadly 2 hours is not enough to hear about her life. I hope we’ll meet someday.

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