Hello world!
December is just around the corner and Christmas is near. It’s time to prepare celebrate the Christmas day. I always celebrate my Christmas day with lunch or dinner with my loved ones because with food we can share happiness, warmness, stories, laugh, and loooove. A few days ago, I just know that Gastromaquia launch their Christmas Set. 
Gastromaquia Jakarta is located in Ciniru street number 1 (Senopati, South Jakarta). The design of the restaurant already take my sight! It's more like a bakery from outside but the inside of the restaurant have a similar vibes from the outside but it's more warm, clean, simple, and homey. Let's talk about the Christmas Set!

You can choose one appetizer, one main course, one dessert, and complete with one special Christmas mocktail. It's valid from 28th November until 25th December and cost 275++ IDR.  
Iberico and Rocket Salad is arugula leaves, parmesan cheese, sliced of iberico ham, croutons, and special dressing. Iberico is special pork ham produced in Spain and Portugal. The ingredients might sounds weird but trust me it's very worth to try. The croutons are very crunchy mix with savory Iberico ham is make the dish even better.

For the main course, I ordered Homemade Pasta with Chanterelle Mushroom in Creamy Sauce Served in Parmesan Wheel. Cheese was really something that would come into my mind after  I saw the parmesan wheel like okay I need to order something that cooked over that parmesan wheel and I ended up with this meal. This might be my most favorite of my lunch. First, pasta has always been my favorite meal especially al dente pasta. Second, the cheese is smells so good. Third, it's very creamy but very light at the same time. Fourth, chanterelle mushroom come with unique smell that complete the meal perfectly. It's just simple and classic.

Caramel Cheese Cake always be my favorite dessert because for me cheese always make me happy and never disappointed me. I would like to say caramel cheese cake is everyone's favorite, it's so soft, creamy, and milky.

Finally I can say that Gastromaquia serves good food that's enjoyable and perfect for you. Gastromaquia will make your Christmas memorable, warm, and happy because of their Christmas Set menu. It's worth to try and hurry up before it's over!

Lastly I want to thank Clozette Indonesia for sponsoring me and my boyfriend to enjoy our lunch with Christmas Set Menu at Gastromaquia Jakarta. Also thank you Gastromaquia for make our lunch perfectly.


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