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First of all I want to say Merry Christmas everyone! May the Christmas season fill your home with joy, your heart with love, and your life with laughter. Anyway, today I want to share my favorite makeup look using BYS Cosmetics. I wear this look for Christmas Eve and also on Christmas day. I personally love this products and will be my beauty survival kit. Haha shall we begin the review? :)

BYS Cosmetics is one of makeup brand from Australia. They already opened their store in Indonesia (Kota Kasablanka Mall, Central Park Mall, and Plaza Senayan). They came with affordable price and have so many variants of its products. BYS help everyone who loves makeup to express her own beauty by follow the trends and help us to create them. BYS is one of makeup brands who against animal testing!

BYS have so many eyeshadow pallets. This eyeshadow palette is multiple shadow which each boasts a superior formula that delivers incredible color, coverage, and long-lasting wear, to help you create an endless array of eye looks. Also they came with ten type of eyeshadow theme, such as Metal, Berries, Smoky, Matte, Nude, Nude 2, and Nude 3. But for Cosmic, Peach and Fantasy are not available in Indonesia, hopefully they will sell this product in Indonesia next year. 

It's looks so simple and practical so it's good if you want to bring this eyeshadow palette. Even though the packaging is made of some kind of plastic material but the color of the packaging which is the combination of brownish and gold made the packaging look elegant and expensive. Also equipped with large mirror and two kind of two-sided brush.

You must try this eyeshadow! Why? It's so creamy, no fallout, and so pigmented. You just have to swatch it once or it'll go too much. The metallic color is just perfect! But sadly the matte color is a big no from my opinion ya because it's not pigmented at all, the texture is more like chalk so it's hard for me to swatch it.

They have three matte color which is good for transition color but for me it's too bright and have a cool undertone. Also complete with nine metallic eyeshadow. The metallic eyeshadow is super duper okay! I think the combination of the color will perfect for day to night look. 

This is my first time trying Banana Powder and Loose Banana Powder from BYS Cosmetics is stealing my heart right away. Loose Banana Powder is perfect for highlight, set your makeup, and as a color corrector. I always use it for 'baking' because it's help me to brighten up my under eye and set my face so my face will not oily.

The packaging is so simple and fit your bag perfectly if you want to touch up. Complete with a puff sponge.

BYS Cosmetics have two type of Banana Powder which is Loose Powder and Compact Powder, mine is Loose Banana Powder. The particle of the powder is very very small, easy to blend and make your skin oil free. Btw, it's not smelly hehehe

The color is yellow toned. I think it's perfect for all skin tones and you can you it as corrector powder too!

Last but not least, BYS Auto Brow Pencil. Brows are the hottest trend right now and BYS Auto Brow Pencil will make your brow look fabulous and on fleek. 
This Auto Brow Pencil is very thin and a dual-end product. Surprisingly, Auto Brow Pencil have comb brow which is very unique because the normal eyebrow products always complete with spoolie brush. The brow comb is very useful and it's more easy to wear beside spoolie brush because it's so precise. Also if you unplug the brow comb, there are sharpener inside. 

Auto Brow Pencil will define your brow so it will look on fleek because the product is very pigmented, soft, and creamy. I think they contain of brow wax so it make your brow stay in the place for the whole day. Anyway please be careful when you using it because it's so pigmented and creamy. I think you can use Auto Brow Pencil as your eyeliner too..

They came with two different shades, which is black and warm honey. Mine is black. From my opinion if you want to make your blow look on fleek I think it's okay to use the black one but if you want to make your brow look more natural you can choose warm honey.

Thank you Clozette ID #BYSxClozetteIDReview for giving me the opportunity to get a change trying BYS products. I got their three best products, which I loooove very very much. As I mentioned before, I use Eyeshadow Palette in Nude, Loose Banana Powder, and Auto Brow Pencil to make this look. Enjoy the look 

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  1. Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!
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  2. Wow!! such a cool palette!!
    Merry Christmas!!