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A few days ago, Emina Cosmetics launch their latest collection for holiday which is Holiday [Beauty] Survival Kit in Emina Girl Gang Volume 3 at Bradley's Kitchen, South Jakarta. Emina Girl Gang Vol 3 in collaboration with Collete and Lola (the famous dessert and cake shop in Jakarta). Emina Girl Gang is like one fine day with the chosen influencer with different background which is Melody Amadea (photographer), Alya Putri (traveler), Marsha Aruan (artist / beauty influencer), and Veronica Ong (beauty influencer).

I was chosen to be part of Melody's Team. I knew Melody since a year ago, actually we never meet each other so let's say I'm her secret admirer. If you follow Melody's Instagram or her blog or even her youtube account, I bet you will definitely in love with her. Haha actually I accidently know her because I was looking for camera review back then. For a young lady in her twenties, I think she's very talented photographer also she has a very good and positive spirits.

Anyway, I'm not alone in Melody's Team but I'm with Naz and Feli as Melody's Team. Short story, we ate our lunch together, mine are Fettucine with Linguine Truffle Mushroom and Lychee Iced Tea. Also we decorate some cookies and take a flatlays photo together. And you know what?! Our team is the winner!! 

Now let's talk about Holiday [Beauty] Survival Kit. It's the latest holiday gift package series from Emina and they come with three different box (snowflakes sparks, magic mistletoe, and reindeer treats). All you have to do is choose your favorite matte lip products it could be Emina Creamatte (matte lipcream) or Emina Soulmatte (matte lipstick) and then you can complete it with Cheecklit Cream Blush, Sugar Rush Lip Scrub, or Smoochies Lip Balm. 

I've got Magic Mistletoe box and inside the box there are one Emina Creamatte in Mauvelous (06), Sugar Rush Lip Scrub, and Smoochies Lip Balm in cucumber juice. I love the idea of Holiday [Beauty] Survival Kit because in this jolly season we can share and brings happiness with our loved ones just like our favorite products from Emina. 

I love my beauty survival kit from Emina because it's complete my lip ritual because I always wear matte lipstick everyday so I need to take care of my lips and wualaa I got the lip scrub to scrub all of the dead skin on my lips also I got the lip balm to moisturize my lips and last but not least I got the matte lip cream in mauve shade.

Thank you so much Emina and Collete and Lola for having me. Also Melody thank you so much for the little chitchat. If you want to know more about Holiday [ Beauty ] Survival Kit you can visit Emina's social media below..

Emina Cosmetics

Melody Amadea


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  1. It's so cool you met someone you admire and you've been following for a year :)
    I'm sure you had so much fun!