Who's here can say no to cheese?? Me : NAAAHH!! I'm team cheese guys! Anyway, for those who have waiting and craving for Pablo in East Jakarta, don't worry! Because today Pablo Cheesetart is opening their latest store at Mall Kelapa Gading 5 ( level 3, food attic area ). I want to thank Pablo Cheesetart and Partipost so me and my friends can be the special guest because we have tried and visited their latest store2 days ago.

Can you spot who's accompany me?

Pablo Cheesetart has a different store concept which is more open, minimalist, and simple design, more like café concept and mix with the smell of cheese . I think it's good for you, friends, also your family. What I love about Pablo Cheesetart is the fluffy and soft cheese tart. You can find the very complete menu just at Pablo Cheesetart MKG because you can be the ones who can take a bite of Strawberry Pablo Mini Cheesetart because it's just available on Pablo Cheesetart MKG.

For me Pablo Cheesetart is very soft, airy, creamy, eggy, and really love the crunchiness of the edges. Oh the taste is not too cheesy so I think it's good for those who doesn't love cheese. But if you're a cheese lovers, the taste is just perfect!

If you guys a cheesetart lovers, tell me where do you think have the best cheese tart in Jakarta?

Freshly Baked Chocolate Cheesetart (199k) - Freshly Baked Matcha Cheesetart with Shiratama and Azuki (199k) -  Premium Cheesetart (349k)

Freshly Baked Cheesetart (179k)

Strawberry Pablo Mini Cheesetart


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  1. Wow! Now I'm hungry LOL
    these pics and the cafe are incredible, i loved this post <3
    following you!

    Suuuper beijo! ❤

  2. I'm also team cheese!! hahahaha
    And these dishes look amazing!!


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