Hello world!
Can’t believe December is almost over. This year was absolutely something for me let’s called it amazing year. So many ups and downs thru my life. Sometimes life is not about happy things but it’s more meaningful if mixed up with bad things. Also because of my passion which is blogging and makeup I already experience a lot of things, meet so may new friends, and attend so so many events.
But, today I want to share to you guys my main weapon for my makeup look, which is the eye part. I always play with eyeshadow or eyeliners. Talk about eyeshadow, my favorite single eyeshadow that I always used for almost this year is from Catrice Cosmetics.
Catrice Cosmetics is makeup brand from Germany, founded by Christina Oster-Daum since 2014. After Catrice Cosmetics expand their store which is they started to sell their product in Indonesia in early 2017 and it was BOOM! Catrice Cosmetics instantly make all of beauty enthusiast in Jakarta falling in love with their products and me of course because of the quality and the price is very affordable.

This time I was collaborated with KBBV ( Komunitas Beauty Blogger and Vlogger ). I join as third week KBBV December contributor with the theme of Favorite Single Eyeshadow. Anway you can check out Fia Reverian's favorite on her blog. Also for this month there are 4 different themes so make sure you can check the rest on KBBV's group on facebook
So, here’s my top two single eyeshadow and all of them are from Catrice Cosmetics!
Absolute Eye Color Mono 

The packaging is very simple and sleek. Made from clear acrylic make this product looks so exclusive and elegant. Anyway the size is very small ( 4.5 cm x 4.5 cm ) so it's travel friendly too!

It's 10 out of 10 guys! Super creamy, no fallout, super pigmented, and easy to blend. Anyway the particle of the glitter is so small so it will make your eyes look so elegant.

They come with 15 different shades with shimmer and matte finish but mine is Choco'late Night Show 960. For me it's perfect to make soft glam looks or even smoky eyes.

It's just under Rp 42.500,- it's very affordable right? It's under 50k hahaha what a good news guys! 
Prêt-à-Lumière Longlasting Eyeshadow

The packaging is a little but different from Absolute Eye Color Mono because it's come with black packaging maybe because of this product is little bit exclusive. The packaging is so handy ( 5 cm x 5 cm ) but for me I didn't like the packaging because I think it's not elegant and classy.

Just like the other product, it's take my heart right away! It's 10 out of 10 too! Super creamy, no fallout, super pigmented, and easy to blend. The difference is Prêt-à-Lumière Longlasting Eyeshadow more soft. After one swipe and wualla your eyes will perfectly change. 

They come with 9 different shades with all shimmer finish. Mine is Comme Ci Comme Gris 060. The color is more like dark jeans so it's quit unique and useful for smoky or bold eye makeup.

It's more pricey Rp61.000,- but I think its worth the price guys..

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  1. Wah, aku juga punya tuh yang Catrice Lumiere tapi belum dibuka. Hihihihi. Nice blog, Sylvi!

    - Fia -

  2. Hi Sylvi, aku juga ngeriview catrice XD

  3. Oohhh another catrice!!! Kayanya kudu melipir guardian A.S.A.P nih buat eksekusi. Hahaha. Nice review btw

  4. Aku belum pernah coba catrice, liat disini sepertinya jadi kepingin belii

  5. Nahhh itu catrice udah dipegang2 terus dari pertama liat tapi ga kesampean beli...
    dan karna racun ini akan ku yakin kan hati ini untuk membeli kamu nakkk :3

  6. Aku belum pernah pake catrice, jadi penasaran banget pengen nyobain 😅